(Photo by Britt Chudleigh)


Marte Marie Forsberg is a food/lifestyle photographer and stylist from Norway.

She started traveling the world at a young age eager to explore new cultures, traditions and people.

On her journey she re-discovered her passion for food and how it connects people, how it creates a community, and how in many parts of this planet home-made with local produce is a dying way of creating a meal.

Always with a camera around her neck, her adventures were eagerly documented.

She firmly believes in homecooked meals from scratch and that a house without something delicious brewing in the kitchen just aint a home.

In her photography and styling she strives to capture or create a mood and tell a story, and calls herself a visual story maker.

Her Scandinavian roots shine through in all her work and fuels her with inspiration.

Follow her around the world on her blog Le voyage creatif.

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"... Forsberg doesn’t just take food photos; she creates an impeccable setting for every single photoshoot she publishes online, displaying homemade food like it is rarely seen nowadays. Her blog and portfolios are a source of inspiration for both photographers and food lovers, so make sure to take a look!"


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